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This app rocks. By far best in class.
Great app if you're traveling a lot like me. Lot's of beautiful (real!) people.
Seeking? Then download 😉
Simple, yet elegant. Easy to connect with people.

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  • Display guns or violence
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  • Are of poor quality
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  • Are heavily filtered (e.g., Snapchat animal filters etc)
  • Display contact information (e.g., phone numbers)
  • Are duplicates (used also in another account)

Modest/artistic nudity is allowed only in private albums. Please do not post such content in your public album, or your profile may be deleted without a prior warning.


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  • Passing registration does not mean, you can violate the rules later. If you do, your account will be deleted without prior notice and you may be banned from Luxxdate.


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Luxxdate let’s you easily connect with other likeminded, attractive & ambitious people anywhere in the world in a safe and private environment.

We don’t care how much money you make. We care how you look and behave. 

We only accept about 10% of all submitted profiles. Refer to our rules for most common reasons for rejection.